And, have done the same for the other kitchen bookshelf. Now contains only cookbooks we use (but less frequently than the ones on the kitchen shelf).

Continuing the kitchen shelf organizing, weeded out the cookbooks that we were not actually using and leaving the ones we do.

Also, replacing a vessel we never used beyond a bookend with the one our everyday silver lives in.

Another project completed today, after taking the Christmas Tree down, was to hang this stained glass piece in our front bay window.

We are blessed to have several friends who are talented local potters. We are further blessed to be able to use their work around our dinner table daily. With the kitchen shelf reorganized it means we can display and easily access some of those most used pieces.

One of my goals for this month was to try to tackle one organizing/beautifying project around the house every day. Some days I’ve been better than others but if I miss one day and do two the next I’m counting it as a win.

Here’s a before/after of the main shelf in the kitchen.