Here’s where I’m at, personally, with this whole COVID thing.

This is endemic. I’ll have to learn how to live with it. Become resilient and adaptable. Find a new comfort level with uncertainty and risk. Do my best to keep on top of available mitigation. But, most of all, relax.

I’m not much of an SUV guy. I prefer a good, spacious, wagon. For that matter, I’m not much of a new car guy. We buy ten year old cars and pay cash.

That said, I saw a Land Rover Defender regularly parked by our place in New Orleans and fell more in love every time.

Baldwin & Co.

I have many days of Travelogue to back fill in, but our last stop before leaving New Orleans was this incredibly cool coffee shop/book store/podcast studio. Black owned, too! If I lived in NOLA I’d live there.