Amsterdam and Berlin are two very different cities. Each with their own charms. Have appreciated the gritty funkiness of Berlin. But looking forward to head back towards Amsterdam (specifically, Haarlem) today.

Also, very excited to see the Vermeer Exhibit tonight.

Just a quick note to say how much I loved Amsterdam. I’ll have more to say later but the people were all so friendly and helpful. Treated us like guests, not tourists. Very easy and comfortable to navigate. Looking forward to spending a little bit more time there before we leave.

Daring Fireball: It’s Game Over on Vocal Deepfakes

Real recordings will be called fake and fake recordings will be leaked as purportedly real. I don’t think the general population is prepared for this, and I worry that news media organizations aren’t either.

We should all be very concerned and the fact that nothing is being done whatsoever to build ethics, standards, practices, and regulations around this stuff is… Telling.