Site Notes

This is an evolving set of rules and recommendations for this site. A philosophy.txt as it were. This is what constitutes an operating manual for Rhoneisms. It is also, more than anything, a promise to you the reader:

  • This blog is the sole website I will regularly publish my writing to moving forward. My little place on a quiet street of the Internet. I will no longer post directly to social media sites and anything you see there from me will be posted here and syndicated elsewhere.An approach those in the Indieweb community have termed POSSE (Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere).

  • What will you find here? The small but important thoughts. The quotes that speak to me. Links to things I read that I feel are important enough to share. And short essays and reviews. I aim for this place to be a reflection of me, my day-to-day life, and the things that interest me. In my mind, that’s what a personal blog should be.

  • Blanket statement on affiliate links: I use them. Mainly for Amazon. The very small amount of money made from such gets funneled right back into Amazon. Which, I’m guessing, is exactly Amazon’s plan to begin with.