My wife writes on our professional blog about making connections:

Steve is a New England Mayflower descendant, and has had generations of family members who have understood the power of making these connections. He also deeply values the inherent power of these exchanges, understanding that they draw alliances both between the people he is introducing — but also with himself.

Fall back! Extra hour of sleep!*


*Unless you have pets, or children under 5, or work that begins with the sunrise like farming, or are over 50 and wake up at various random weird times throughout the night, or…

  1. Buy a decommissioned public library, preferably a Carnegie.

  2. Install kitchen and bar.

  3. Hire former librarians as servers and bartenders.

  4. Instruct them to shush and/or remove anyone having a conversation above a library whisper.

  5. Move in and never leave.

I want to open a restaurant and cocktail lounge called The Public Library, with the exact same rules and book selection.

(This idea spurred by my old age and every single place we go these days being TOO LOUD)