Reminder: In times like these, most are doing the best they can. That does not mean it’s the best that can be done. Have empathy and set your expectations accordingly.

For a variety of reasons, Thanksgiving is not a holiday we normally celebrate. In fact, it’s a holiday we normally escape. We generally take the long weekend to travel, usually to somewhere out of the country where we can forget it’s even happening. Some years, we’ve had a low key celebration with friends.

Yet, due to the current environment, this year we find ourselves here celebrating together, just the three of us in the home we so love. And, this seems the most honest and pure way to celebrate it. Not with everything and everyone I’m thankful for, yet, with everything and everyone I’m most thankful for.

Textures and details. No where of import to go and nothing of merit to do. Some days, you level up your fit for no other reason than to stand a little bit taller in your shoes.