I’m apparently of the age where I wake up at 6:30am no matter what. Even on vacation. It’s become my natural wake up time. Not sure how to feel about this.

It’s official. My wife and I have chosen our “Idea of The Year”. Ready?


People love perks. They remember perks. Seriously, people might forget a holiday bonus on a paycheck but they’ll talk about the swag bag and use the company branded mug all the time.

Give perks.

The real ones | A Working Library

A lot of people have benefited from the association of Luddism with irrational technophobia. But maybe instead of avoiding the specter of Luddism we should reclaim it. Asking good questions about how a technology will impact people isn’t unreasonable and it isn’t irrational; it’s right and appropriate and necessary.

What we believe in.

I’m trying to explain that I’d like to get up and get stuff done but this girl is not understanding me and doesn’t seem to care.

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