What it looks like to leave social media – Embedded

I felt like I had to be like, “Okay, just so you know, I’m in Ireland right now or just so you know, I live in Missoula now or I live in Portland now.” Then I very quickly was like, oh, nobody cares. And also, I don’t care. I love people thinking I’m dead.

Also, I love the idea of this…

So this is the beauty of the world that I am cultivating for myself. It is only what can fit in my head of my interests.

Too Much?

“Too little” can produce immediate adverse effects but the problems fostered by “too much” may not be noticed for years. [In many cases, they won’t be noticed at all.]

What we believe in.

Me: This’ll be one of those years where it flips from summer to winter and we don’t even get fall.

Wife: That’s it! I’m limiting you to 12 times a day you get to complain about this weather. You’re already up to eight.

Me: I’m going to make the next four really good then.

“There are a million things in life we can’t control. Our breath is the one thing we can.”

— Viv, our yoga instructor.