*Updated 05.26.2021

These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • “You eventually learn that true priorities are like arms: if you think you have more than a couple, you’re either lying or crazy.”

— Merlin Mann

The truth is, my life right now is kind of divided into two sections: The Hague House Project and anything that is not the Hague house project. I’m spending at least 30 hours a week physically working on things there and an undefined number of hours calls/texts, planning, runs to the hardware store, and other miscellaneous detritus that any large project generates beyond the work itself.

That said, the rest of my life also has needed my attention. And much of that lately has been quite lovely and rewarding. Long hikes with friends. Baseball game outings. Gardening with neighbors. And even an overnight mini-trip. These along with other work obligations make up that Not Hague category.

Yes, a lot of it has been overwhelming at times and usually exhausting, but being fulfilled sometimes means a life fully filled as long as you are fine with all that it is filled with.

  • I attended the production meeting for the Circus Juventas summer show. Also always, it’s a bit of a pull between what the Artistic side wants to do and what we Riggers can actually do (in under 30 seconds in the dark, moving heavy objects and securing them with complicated knots).

  • Reading: I’m almost finished with Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation; Authority; Acceptance (around 50 pages to go). It’s been a fun read. Not sure what I’ll read next but I want to get to Subdivision by J. Robert Lennon but I know it’ll be similar in style and feel so I may need a palette cleanser in between.

  • Listening to a lot of radio right now as I drive around in the car. Luckily, I live in a place with a really great station.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.