Updated 01.15.2019

These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • Tax Prep. Getting financials in order.

  • Much movement on cleaning out house #4 (the house we inherited when my wife’s father passed away in August). We are also in the mist of refinancing the loans he had out on the house into our name and (hopefully) a better rate/payment. That will give us time to finish the cleanup and decide what to do with it. Many variables. Pros and cons to each available choice. A tough decision with no clear indication of the best path.

  • We are in the midst of looking for a middle school for Beatrix next year. Once again, it’s a complicated choice. Like the house above, many variables. Pros and cons to each available choice. A tough decision with no clear indication of the best path. We’ve narrowed it down to six. Add to that fact that it is also the season for registering and lining up various summer camps for her and it means lots of movement on the Beatrix front too.

  • Preparing for trip to New York City this weekend. Will be seeing Big Apple Circus and visiting The Frick and The Tenement Museum for sure. Also will try to squeeze in a Broadway Show and seeing friends. Mainly, it’ll be a nice long-weekend getaway.

  • Reading: I had to put down Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin as I was finding it too dense. Interesting and fascinating but, when a book begins to feel like work it’s time to take a break and consider a visit later. Instead, I’m now reading Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment by Robert Wright which, as a long practicing Buddhist, I’m finding is mainly serving to help confirm the things I already know. That said, it’s always interesting to have someone else describe things in a different way.

  • Still lots happening with my Technical Consulting work. I also have a couple of writing gigs I have deadlines for that having a few hours on a plane with no internet access will help.

  • I was saying to my wife a couple of weeks ago that we know of no one with more active and complicated lives as ours. That said, all lives are a collection of choices made and, as crazy as it seems, we would not trade ours for the world.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.