Updated 04.26.2021

These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • Been thinking a lot about walking lately. I really enjoy it when I make the time to do it. Yesterday, I very much enjoyed a 6.25 mile hike with my friend Matthew. We’d not seen each other in quite a while due to the pandemic. Now, we are both fully vaxxed and… Gosh, let me tell you, even an introvert like me was so deeply fulfilled by being able to hug a long time friend, have some great conversation, and spend a couple of hours on a nice woodland stroll. I’ve also very much enjoyed the occasional nighttime walks my wife and I have taken around our neighborhood during the pandemic. It’s often not more than a mile or two but I always feel the better for having done so. Therefore, I’m going to try to take walks a lot more often going forward. Not just for fitness but because I find it fun.

  • Chugging along on the Hague House project. The floor joists are in. We’ll start to put in the new subfloor this week. Likely some of the new electrical too. A friend had some 12-2 and 14-3 wire (and a couple of gallons of primer too) he didn’t need for his project and kindly gifted it to me for Hague. In fact, many of the things going into this project are things we’ve gotten for free or cheap. One would be surprised how much is out there if you just know where/how to find it or even just ask around.

  • It’s Circus Rigging season again. Circus Juventas is once again doing it’s Spring Shows with a much reduced capacity (250 in a space that normally seats almost 1000) and I’m one of the lead volunteer riggers so I’ll be there for all of it. It’ll be strange getting back into that rhythm again and I’m a bit worried not having done it now in, well, two years but my hope is that it’ll all come back to me once I’m there again.

  • Reading: I’m still very much enjoying Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation; Authority; Acceptance. It’s nice to have a book that you put down and then can’t wait to pick back up again.

  • Listening to a fair bit of Fleetwood Mac the past few days. This led me on a bit of a Stevie Nicks diversion. Did you know that Stevie’s hit single Stand Back was inspired by Prince’s Little Red Corvette and she even got him to play keyboards on the track? It’s true.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.