These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • My latest book, For You is actually done. The Paperback and ePub versions are available but… Amazon is taking a freakishly long time to approve the Kindle version and a fear there may be some issue there. Further, even once Amazon approves it I have an updated version to upload and replace that with with numerous cosmetic fixes. Therefore, I’m being forced to wait for an official release. That said, if one does wish it purchase the Paperback or ePub versions one can do so right now.

(No sooner than I posted the above rant about how long it was taking Amazon to approve the Kindle version on my new book that I finally get notice from Amazon that it is live. I’ve already submitted an update with a number of formatting improvements. So, hopefully, I’ll post an official release soon.

  • It should surprise no one to know that my favorite reading experience for the eBook edition of For You is the ePub on Apple’s Books app on the iPhone. It looks right there. Not just the typography but also it’s the right size book for such a device. Perhaps, in part, because I wrote the first draft of the book on my iPhone 12 mini. Consider replacing your social media addiction with this book for a bit.

  • Our trip to Tanzania was fantastic beyond even my wildest dreams.

  • The bathroom at the Hague House project is waiting on my plumber to come in and do his part. Therefore, the plan is to knock out lots of smaller projects at other houses in the meantime.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.