These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • Due to illness, vacation, and other projects needing attention, work on The Hague House has slowed to a crawl. Generally, when this happens, I start back with a few clean up and organization days. Not only does it help gather the tools, materials, scrap, and other things back where they belong, it also allows me to take stock of next steps along the way. I hope to do that this week to set the tone for next,

  • Circus rigging season for the big summer show began last night with the first rehearsal. This that, from now until mid August, I’ll be spending as much time there as I am anywhere else. It essentially becomes a near full time job for 6 weeks. I love to do it but each year I feel my age more and more.

  • Reading: I’ve been mainly catching up on my Instapaper queue. I need to finish Wintering which is beautiful written but causes me to want to “winter”. May be the wrong season for this beek. Perhaps I’ll park the rest until fall.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.