Updated 04.11.2021

These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • For some reason unbeknownst to me, I’ve been thinking about the old Apple advertising campaign, “What’s on your PowerBook?” I used to love it. The idea of taking two completely different people and randomly listing the sorts of things they use a computer for. I’ve been wondering how interesting/cool reviving that campaign would be, except it’d be “What’s on your iPhone?” Also, wondering if I could get enough people together to do it just for fun.

  • Things are still moving on the Hague House project. We’ve started a gentle demo of the Mudroom made possible by the fact that a) the walls were hung sheetrock, not drywall b) they were not taped or mudded, simply painted and c) hung with screws too short for the purchase or the weight. For this reason, it is easy to simply unscrew and remove each one as a whole piece with no damage. Strange but I’ll take it. At the Ashland House (where we live) the art hanging project continues apace.

  • Beatrix will be back to in-person school (4-day a week hybrid) this week and back to her regular extra-curricular schedule with will actually make this week feel a bit weird after three weeks off.

  • Reading: I just started Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation; Authority; Acceptance a couple of days ago and I’ve had trouble putting it down. I’m 55 pages in and enjoying every minute. Very good so far.

  • Listening to… A strange mix of songs I’ve had stuck in my head. Just Like Heaven by the Cure, various selections from Spring Awakening and The Last Five Years… Like I said, strange.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.