These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the reception and kind words my latest book, For You, has received. Thanks to all who’ve purchased and read it so far. My favorite reading experience for the eBook edition of For You is the ePub on Apple’s Books app on the iPhone. It looks right there. Not just the typography but also it’s the right size book for such a device. It gives Robin Sloan’s Fish vibes. Perhaps, in part, because I wrote the first draft of the book on my iPhone 12 mini. Consider replacing your social media with this book for a bit.

  • We’ve just finished the run of Spring Perfomances at Circus Juventas. I’m on the rigging team for every one and Beatrix was in about a dozen acts this year.

  • The bathroom at the Hague House project is almost finished with the rough in. A couple of leaks now to solve.

  • That said, I’ve been focused on yard work at all of the properties this past week which is the first time they’ve been touched in that way this year. Everything looks presentable from the outside now.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.