Updated 08.28.2018

These are the things currently occupying my attention in no particular order…

  • Beatrix is going back to school next week (the day after Labor Day). That means, new schedules and routines to be settled in to. To a certain extent, my schedule largely revolves around hers. School, Circus, Music Lessons, etc. means most weeknights are filled with shuttling her to various activities after school.

  • Supporting all the stuff surrounding my father-in-law’s illness. He’s been moved to a really great hospice facility and they are doing all they can to make his last days good ones. My wife has set up a Caring Bridge site if you are interested.

  • Currently reading: Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog–the Navy SEAL Way by Mike Ritland which I keep starting and and then stopping off and on. Not sure why. When I pick it up, I do find some great takeaways. I like the author’s approach which is that training the human is the key to training the dog. If your dog is not listening, following commands, etc. that’s a problem with you, not the dog. Going to try to finish it this time.

  • Still fairly busy on the  Technical Consulting side of things. I have a fair bit of client work building up too and am currently slotting that into the daytime hours in the next couple of weeks. (Still trying to squeeze these into the small free spaces.)

Inspired by Derek Sivers.