The truth is, and what the political class would never say out loud, there is a lot of money raised on promises and plans. Taking action and fulfilling promises means that cash line stops. Outrage is cheap, easy, and lucrative. Outcomes are expensive, difficult, and finite.

More Beatrix news; she was cast as “The Love Terminator” in the student written and directed student one-act plays in her school’s Spring Showcase and yes it is our new favorite nickname for her (replacing The Puny Puritan) and no she could not have been better type-cast.

Still wrapping my head around the fact that this is Beatrix’s last week in middle school. Especially because, due to the pandemic, this is the only full year she’s had in person.

Class of 2026 seemed so far away when she started. Now, seems so close.

Very proud of Beatrix, age 14 for her blind contour art making it into her school’s annual art and lit publication. Front page, too!