Feels good…

  • Waking up, letting the dogs outside.
  • Making coffee.
  • Letting the dogs back in, feeding them.
  • Making myself a protein-rich, low-carb breakfast.
  • Cleaning the kitchen.
  • Stripping the bed and washing the bedding.
  • Chatting with daughter and wife before we all head out the door for the day.

During a discussion with a right-leaning friend on the Presidential Immunity ruling, I simply asked, “One citizen of this country now has more rights than any other. I don’t believe it is a democratic republic as long as such a condition exists. Is that OK with you?”

Gave them pause.

Project 2: Cut off all the limbs of the serviceberry tree that were damaged (from a fire at the house next door last year) or otherwise sucking energy from the healthy branches.

Here’s a before and after:

Serviceberry Tree Before

Serviceberry Tree After

My key project today: What was once the bottom section of a years ago dismantled water feature at the edge of our deck is now a beautiful container garden with native grass and flowers…


Empty water feature


Container garden 1

Container garden 2

Finished the rebuild of the east side fence today at our Summit House.

Here’s a layout of the before, during, and after:

1180813F 925F 44ED 93C9 61FDDB130235.

Work on doing the same on the west side will begin next year. Hopefully, it’ll hold until then.