Been doing Yoga on weekend mornings so putting on sweatpants first thing but then not bothering to change as I go about the rest of the day and have gotten very used to it.

Watch body cam footage of police bragging about hunting activists | Boing Boing

As you know, I rarely discuss politics online and especially not here. But I think everyone needs to understand where the motivation to replace the police in Minneapolis is coming from. They are, have been, and continue to be a violent group of thugs that see themselves as above the law, lie — even in the face of overwhelming truth, and have resisted all attempts at reform. This is just one example out of literally thousands.

My car has needed some major, yet regular and expensive, maintenance for a few months now. Made it noisy and not fun to drive. Made me silently crabby. Finally got it fixed and driving it now fills me with unrestrained joy.