Consistently surprised how well the brain hack of simply deciding, “Going to [place] to do [thing]” works for my productivity. Even if I’m simply relocating to another area of the same house. I always manage to get [things] done forthwith whenever I do.

Watching some harness racing. We don’t gamble so just enjoying a night on the patio watching these amazing horses run by.

The Underwood No. 5 all cleaned up, oiled up, and on my desk ready to type. Now able to see the serial number, which was covered with dust and rust and therefore an now able to date it: 1907. Just typed a letter on it and it works great.

Some useful writing by hand advice I once received (and rediscovered by reviewing an old journal):

“The size of the notebook can determine the size of the work.”

Size not only being number of pages, etc. but also this idea:

“Will your epic adventure fit in a Field Notes?”