Why you need a “WTF Notebook”

Every time I join a new team, I go to the next fresh page, and on top of that page I write: “WTF – [Team Name].” Then I make a note every time I run into something that makes me go “wtf,” and a task every time I come up with something I want to change.

This is brilliant.

I have a similar thing I do from time to time with building a list of things that need to get done around the house. I go to each room, sit down, and simply ask myself, “What’s broken?”

Results in a pretty comprehensive actionable list.

costs – The Homebound Symphony

Every choice — every choice ever made by every human being — carries costs. Some of the costs are easily borne; some, though, are unmanageable, or even catastrophic.

This. So much this.

Also, what’s the plan? I know you want what you want, but just stomping one’s feet and demanding it is not enough. Where’s the plan to get it?

The Strother School of Radical Attention

Through creative projects, courses on the history, philosophy, and politics of attention, and experiential Attention Lab workshops, we fashion and collectively implement tools to reclaim radical attention, and thereby protect and cultivate the many goods of shared life that it creates.

A representative of this organization was invited to my daughter’s school by the parent association for a couple of workshops this week. Really interesting initiative.

The Anywhere 5L Sling

Stash all your road trip or flight essentials while en route, then pack it up for daily adventures at your destination.

This bag is 50% off right now and it is amazing. This was my daily cary for our Tanzanian trip and somehow, despite it’s size, seemed to hold everything I threw at it. Passports, visas, water bottle, pens, paper, iPad mini, camera, sunglasses, chargers, cables, and on-and-on. Even a pacabke rain poncho. It also held everything my daughter threw at it.

I get no kickback from the link. I just love mine and think others will too.