Happy Birthday, Jason

I’m sure there are casual Kottke.org readers, but most of the ones I’ve encountered in my thirteen years writing for the site are unusually devoted to it, and to him as a writer and editor — again, even though Jason himself does not do most of the things that inspire that kind of charismatic devotion.

I’ve been following his work even before Kottke.org. Which gives you a clue as to how old we both are.

Chicken or the Egg – Literally — Bethany Gladhill

My wife ponders the problems of going out these days…

The thing is, I can’t see the way out of it. People won’t go out if it’s hard to — if closing hours are irregular, and costs are high. Restaurants have to save costs where they can, by making cuts, because costs are high and business is erratic. The two feed off each other, and the free market that we as a country are so obsessed with lacks a way to effectively solve the issue.

This weekend’s project: Pantry cleanup and organization. It may not look like a big change from the before and after shots, but trust me, it was and took hours of work.


Pantry Before


Pantry After


Atchison Champion, March 2, 1916 – Against All Odds

Emanuel Handy, one of the most prominent negroes of Atchison, deplores the weaknesses of his race in a scathing denunciation of the manner in which the negroes in Atchison exercise the right of franchise

My Great-Great Grandfather giving his fellow Black citizens the what-what and telling it like it is.

What we have always believed in, apparently.