Had these last night. Can report they are legit! Absolutely delicious. They are on sale at my co-op so I’ll likely stock up on a lot more.

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be”

— James Baldwin

My completely non-political thoughts on The Mueller Report half-way through reading it:

• It’s not as daunting as you think. Sure, it’s 400+ pages but there are many redactions and a ton of footnotes, most of which are references to supporting cases, rulings, and materials that you don’t need to read to get the gist of things. In actuality, I’d fathom this is closer to 300+ pages of actual reading.
• It’s easy to read. The writing is clear. How everything is laid out is thoughtful. This is not written to be read by Lawyers alone. This was written for Congress, staff, interns, and the American people to digest and understand as well.
• Getting the printed version helps with this a lot. Even the Kindle edition would be easer to read than the official PDF
• It is clear about who was charged, why, the supporting evidence for doing so, and the outcome of those cases as settled. It is also very clear about who they did not charge, why, and what evidence was missing to sustain a charge and conviction.
• I’m of the belief that one should not even engage in substantial discussion about something they have not taken the time to read themselves. If anyone brings up this subject to me and when I ask them if they’ve read it, our continued discussion will henge on an answer in the affirmative.
• This is important.

Cast A Vote for Your Identity.

Every time you sit down and write in the morning, you cast a vote for your identity as a writer. Every time you choose a healthy meal over junk food, you cast a vote for your identity as a healthy person. These votes compound over time, put you on the flywheels of actually becoming those things.

— Jack Cheng, in his most recent newsletter in reviewing James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits

If not for my”no new books” pledge this year that Buy Now button would have been clicked immediately based on these three sentences alone.