Having to use whole new invisible digits to count the number of people I know here in the US who’s kids are already going to college in Canada or are actively considering it in no small part as an exit/escape plan. I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about it too.

Episode 526: What Do You Want From Us? | PM Talks S1:E5 – Productivityist

In this latest installment of our monthly series PM Talks, I had the pleasure of chatting with my good friend Patrick Rhone about the vast theme of choices and how they weave through our personal and professional lives. This episode delves into everything from the cultural impact of wrestling to the profound topics of longevity, mortality, and the essence of making the most of our time.

What’s great about doing these is it really is the conversation Mike and I have regardless of it being for a Podcast or not.

Maybe we all should be conspiracy theorists now…

Increasingly, as I see some popular meme spreading like wildfire through the social media forest I’m suspicious of its intent…

  • Is that random person asking if women would rather be stranded in the woods with a man or a bear really interested in provoking a mass thought exercise in gender politics or is it the Chinese government using TikTok to fervent discord to further divide us into Team Man and Team Bear?

  • Is that thread asking me to reply with a picture of myself at 18 (or 21, or from 1977, or…) really just for fun or am I training an AI for facial recognition to ultimately be used against me?

  • Is the movement to write in “uncommitted” on the ballot really a progressive grassroots effort about sending a message regarding my country’s response to a war or is it an attempt to influence a major election?

My point being is that we should all be asking such questions in today’s day and age. We have copious examples from our last two (at least) major US elections that similar tactics were used and the results were impressive/devastating. We’ve obviously learned nothing about being suspicious of the things we see, especially on social media, and not immediately calling into question the source and the intent.

This is why I generally refuse to participate in such things online. Perhaps doing the same is worth your consideration. At the very least, think through the “what if” when you do.

Just found out our friend and neighbor John died. Way too soon (only 10 years older than I). Enjoyed many a wonderful evening at his place. Made a mean martini.

A reminder to make as many of your soons and somedays into right nows and todays as often as you can.

The silence of the blog // Vincent Ritter

You see, I love working on things behind the scenes. I love it because I get to touch a handful of people’s lives in a meaningful way. I don’t need to blog about it… all I need to do is bring myself and deliver what I do. That’s it.

The things one makes can speak for themselves.