My friend, @rohdesign, has finally taken the wraps off of The Sketchnote Ideabook. I’ve been using a prototype and it is, by far, the best sketchbook I’ve ever encountered. If you make ideas and/or/not art at all you’ll want one. Here’s my sketchnoted (natch) brief review:

The informational equivalent of bombs are being built and loaded and dropped onto their targets, producing shockwaves that travel not through the dirt but through, like, informational space-time. You can feel them.

— Robin Sloan, Issue #27 of Year of the Meteor.

I’m a long time person. I have used it for years. I’m a big fan of it and know it well. I generally ignore all new email clients that come along because they are simply a new face on the same thing. Unibox is the first to peak my interest in a long time.