This post from Kurt on Punctuality reminded me of my Grandmother who set all the clocks in the house ahead so you never knew what time it really was and if you had somewhere to be you better make sure you were early and that was one way to ensure it. “We’ll never be on CP time!”

Our limit for love and grace for others is measured by how much love and grace we give ourselves. Want to love more, grace more, compassion more, forgive more? Start with yourself.

Don’t obsess over politics. Don’t let it overwhelm your everyday experiences, moods, and interactions. That’s not the role of politics in a representative democracy—and we should enjoy that fact for as long as we still have one. Like our relentless mutual hate, our nonstop political obsessions are by design, manufactured by others, and no good for us.

Dave Pell, NextDraft 11.08.2022