Took Beatrix on her first official college tour today. This particular school is the one she’s wanted to go to for college since she was old enough to know what a college was.

The first of what I’m sure will be many tours to come. She’s only half way through her sophomore year.

This is the way.

My wife got gave me these beautiful ceramic cups for Christmas but one of them was broken once received. I repaired in a faux-kintsugi manner using some gold paint and superglue. Not sure if it will be liquid tight but it looks nice.

My New Year Day Rituals:

  • Making big pots of black-eyed peas and cabbage to eat (I make vegetarian versions)
  • Ordering a Day One printed book of my digital journal for the year.
  • Creating a new journal in Day One for the new year.
  • General nerdy Day One maintenance like making sure previous years digital journal colors match the color of the printed book I chose for that year.
  • Setting up and switching out my Hobonichi Techo and putting last year’s on the appropriate shelf with the rest.