Spring Break tickets booked for the first week of April. Heading to Miami and then to NYC — Beaches to Broadway. Hanging out on the beach and then seeing a bunch of Broadway shows. Looking forward to it.

“I learned what a wet dream is… They should make boy pads!”

— Beatrix, age 11, had “The Talk” at school today. The one where health teachers come and talk to the 5th graders about sexual health topics. Beatrix’s takeaway, of course, is market opportunities.

Listening to XTC’s Skylarking. Drinking 19 year old French Rhone wine. Letting a dinner of seared Chilean sea bass, Parmesan crusted scallops, and lime finished shrimp settle. Talking to my wife while my daughter reads. Lovely evening.

Today’s discussion in the car on the way to school with Beatrix, age 11, included love and friendship, what it’s like to get dumped on Valentine’s Day, being one others can confide in, and how to use prime numbers to figure out lowest common multiples. It’s a seven minute drive.