RIP Dooce: pioneering blogger Heather Armstrong is dead

Already the early days of blogging are being forgotten, and the ability of the web to quietly erase history as sites fail and go offline means that those incredible, exciting, experimental days are being lost. But we shouldn’t forget those who forged the future of digital media, and Heather Armstrong was one of them. Let’s remember that — and her.

A lovely tribute and rumination.

Much head-nodding from me reading this opening of the always interesting Dense Discovery Newsletter

Currently, the dominant narrative behind mitigating climate change is one based on economic opportunity: more, but greener. While it may lower carbon emissions eventually, this narrative doesn’t offer solutions for – or even acknowledge – the many other planetary boundaries we’re already exceeding. 

Advocating for genuine sustainability must therefore include an admission that hardly any political or corporate leader is willing to make: that ‘the green future’ is a future of less instead of a future of more.

I’ve been saying the same for quite some time to anyone who will listen.