A unified theory of fucks | A Working Library

The theory goes like so: you are born with so many fucks to give. However many you’ve got is all there is; they are like eggs, that way. Some of us are born with quite a lot, some with less, but none of us knows how many we have.

This has been making the rounds and rightfully so, it’s wonderful. Pairs well with my own take on the subject from 2014: The Fucks and How We Give Them (A Manifesto)

a note on plagiarism – The Homebound Symphony

Which makes me wonder whether some of the plagiarism (or “duplicative language”) we’re now seeing so much of is a result of one small habit of digital writing: pasting wrongly.

Finally a reasoned take on the whole affair that is likely much closer to the truth but/and reveals something many of us writers outside of academia are guilty of.

(the “but/and” is duplicative language I’ve, um, adopted from Robin Sloan)

Daft Social

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Doesn’t even seem to be a timeline. Thus it’s kind of more of a micro blog than Micro.blog. Very interesting. (W00t)

If you’re in the startup world or are a entrepreneur, my friend and mentor Garrick van Buren has been killing it with helpful advice in his newsletter For Starters. Well worth your consideration.