They say what does not kill you makes you stronger. Well this pandemic did not kill us and it certainly made our relationship, love, and appreciation of each other stronger. So, the sentiment rings true for us.

Please trust me when I say I really am hammering in a new subfloor and not about to attempt a test of the new toilet drain.

Also, consider this your reminder that you can follow along with all of the home restoration work I do at Whoa to Wow.

Ode to My Favorite Hoodie

This is my favorite hoodie. I have other hoodies but this is the one I grab out of the closet most often. And, in those times I grab another, I find myself frequently wishing I had grabbed this one instead. The minimalist in me often questions why I even bother to have the others. I don’t really have a good answer. This is the only one I really love.

My wife picked it up for me at a clothing exchange so it didn’t cost anything. The pocket was ripped but I had it mended and it’s been fine since. The arms are slightly too long but I actually like the way it falls slightly beyond my wrists because of that. Adds to its coziness. Otherwise, it fits me perfectly. Tight, but not too much so. Like a warm embrace.

I write this for no other reason than it is a cool day today. Perfect hoodie weather for the perfect hoodie. And I have deep gratitude for both.

Dear Internet,

Update: Found them here

I need help finding a particular pencil. Not sure where I got this one from. Thought it was from JetPens but can’t find it on their site. The only English branding on the clip has worn off. Can anyone out there help identify it? I’d like more.