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Doesn’t even seem to be a timeline. Thus it’s kind of more of a micro blog than Micro.blog. Very interesting. (W00t)

If you’re in the startup world or are a entrepreneur, my friend and mentor Garrick van Buren has been killing it with helpful advice in his newsletter For Starters. Well worth your consideration.

I finally have a small collection of items to post to The Cramped. I’ll be doing so soon. I don’t give that site nearly the attention it deserves and and struggling with what to do with it going forward.

Saw both Mean Girls and The Color Purple this weekend.

Mean Girls was good but a whole film studies course could be built around The Color Purple.

Former Star Crash

My dream last night:

Sitting in a parked car with a friend who is dropping me off back home, a vintage slightly beat up Porsche 914 runs into us. A handsome gentleman gets out as do we to inspect the damage. He seems really sorry and is deeply apologetic while taking full fault for being distracted.

After a few minutes of my friend and he talking over the next steps, we have this exchange:

Me: Does anyone ever tell you you look like Andrew McCarthy?

Him: Man, ALL THE TIME! (Waits a few beats)…. Especially when I travel, or when I’m at the bank. When I have to show my ID anywhere really…

Me: Is that because you’re Andrew McCarthy?

Him; That’s because I’m Andrew McCarthy (takes out ID and places it on hood of car along with insurance information so they can work out the crash).

We then proceed to have a really interesting conversation about the various roles I’ve enjoyed him in, the one’s he enjoyed working on, Minnesota versus California drivers, what it’s like being formerly famous, etc. A really good down to earth guy…

In my dreams, at least.