“Hey guys, I’m your mom! …Hey guys, I’m your mom! …Hey guys, I’m your mom!” — Beatrix, age 12, addressing her fish as she feeds them. “They have a three second memory. If I don’t keep saying it, they’ll forget.”

Beatrix, age 12, has requested I put together a playlist of “old timey” music for us to listen to in the car — “like, Billy Joel and Journey and Queen. Making me feel simultaneously both old and proud.

“That took us like 2 minutes. Why do people say they are too busy? That’s just stupid.” — Beatrix, age 12, on voting.

“If I was the richest person on earth I’d give a bit of money to everyone in the world, even if it meant it would make me poor.” — Beatrix, age 12, rich in wisdom and compassion. Reminder, you can vote for her for President in 23 years.

Today is Beatrix’s birthday. She shall henceforth for the coming year be referred to as Beatrix, age 12. Official celebrations were held yesterday. In lieu of gifts, she requests that the adults in the room preserve her democracy and save her planet.

“I know her. She does my favorite Cake in a Mug recipe on YouTube. But, she’s all like ‘It’s so easy..’ and ‘All you have to do is..’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, except spend a bunch of time after washing the mug and utensils!’ — Beatrix, age 11 watching The Pioneer Woman