“I’ve gone from a Fiesty Tiger to a Dirty Floor Tile to a Tired Tangerine.” — Beatrix, age 11.. The tweens are a time of change and she’s very self-aware about it.

Mom: “You fell asleep 2 minutes into a 10 minute drive. I thought you said you weren’t tired.” Beatrix, age 11: “Well maybe the fact I was punchy and being a feisty tiger was a clue for us all I was wrong!”

“When my friends do nice things for me I give them points. Beatrix points. There’s no prizes or anything. They just know I remember what they did.” — Beatrix, age 11

After cancer diagnosis, Aldo Moroni asks for help finishing his final project | City Pages We credit Aldo’s work with spawning Beatrix’s love of (and skill with) pottery. She hugged him long and hard through tears when we went to his Final Show this past weekend.

“You can still learn about science, but it’s not like mixing things together” — Beatrix, age 11, quoted in the Star Tribune about one of her favorite places. A magical natural place. Unfortunately, it lost its funding and is closing. We took her last weekend to say goodbye.

“He’s not a white guy who super likes bikes or is a mansplainer. So, that means he’s a really good guy” — Beatrix, age 11, regarding my friend CJ Chilvers. We had the pleasure of having dinner with him and his wife tonight.