Prediction #3: You Will Get Skin Cancer

Prediction #3: You Will Get Skin Cancer There is no safe level of tanning. All tans are radiation burns. Base tanning is still skin damage. And the use of tanning booths is a shocking example of intentionally damaging one’s skin for the sake of fashion. Imagine if bruises were suddenly to become fashionable. Would you … Continue reading “Prediction #3: You Will Get Skin Cancer”

This is, perhaps, the most buried lede I’ve ever come across. Just when you think they’ve told the story behind the story, they drop a bomb about 5 minutes in. Amazing. "Strange Fruit," a protest song about lynching made famous by Billie Holiday, was written not by an African American activist, but by a Jewish … Continue reading “”

The iPhone’s Not So Hidden Costs

You may have noticed by the clues in my last post that, while the new iPhone from Apple is cool, I don’t foresee myself getting one in it’s current incarnation any time soon (soon in this case being the moment it is released in June). I know this may come as a surprise to those … Continue reading “The iPhone’s Not So Hidden Costs”

Yet Another Backpack Preview

Each little preview 37 Signals lets out of the bag about Backpack leaves me wanting for more… Damn them! In this one, they show us how simply sending an e-mail to your Backpack account will turn that item into a to-do list or a appointment… Effing Brilliant! Backpack Preview #3