Prediction #3: You Will Get Skin Cancer

Prediction #3: You Will Get Skin Cancer There is no safe level of tanning. All tans are radiation burns. Base tanning is still skin damage. And the use of tanning booths is a shocking example of intentionally damaging one’s skin for the sake of fashion. Imagine if bruises were suddenly to become fashionable. Would you … Continue reading “Prediction #3: You Will Get Skin Cancer”

This is, perhaps, the most buried lede I’ve ever come across. Just when you think they’ve told the story behind the story, they drop a bomb about 5 minutes in. Amazing. "Strange Fruit," a protest song about lynching made famous by Billie Holiday, was written not by an African American activist, but by a Jewish … Continue reading “”

The iPhone’s Not So Hidden Costs

You may have noticed by the clues in my last post that, while the new iPhone from Apple is cool, I don’t foresee myself getting one in it’s current incarnation any time soon (soon in this case being the moment it is released in June). I know this may come as a surprise to those … Continue reading “The iPhone’s Not So Hidden Costs”