You Are A Hero

We all have our personal struggles in this life. Our shit to shoulder. A monkey on our back. The things we keep mostly hidden from the world, yet still remain with us.

Perhaps it was a childhood that was less than ideal.
Perhaps it is a marriage that is slowly falling apart.
Perhaps it is a less than ideal relationship with your kids.
Perhaps it is a bad habit or addiction you wish you could shake.
A secret, silent, shame.

You are a hero. We all are. I may not know what you are victorious over but I know that each one of us has a huge amount of baggage to carry and, to get through this life with it, it takes heroic courage. That making it to the end of each day, is a small (and, some days, large) but not insignificant victory.

So many problems would be overcome in this life if we recognized each victory in what we have come to know as routine. If we all simply recognized the hero in ourselves and each other.

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