We’re All Making Do…

Most of us — whether individuals, businesses, or institutions — are trying to figure it out as we go along. The only plan we have is the one that’s seems right for today. Maybe we’ll try something else tomorrow based on new information or directives. Maybe that new thing will make less sense than the first way. We are using our best judgment in a field of mystifying choices and changes.

Don’t always assume bad intent. Especially now. So many outside stresses and factors. So many unknowns. While there are some that may be trying to stick it to you or play favorites, most are just trying to navigate uncharted waters and not always choosing the right direction. Maybe there are no good choices, only a series of bad ones and one safe one that still sucks. In an environment where safety feels right, which one would you make?

Also, don’t beat yourself up. Maybe the work-at-home thing is not working for you. Maybe you feel guilty for eating in instead of ordering for take-away from the restaurants you want to support through this crisis. Maybe, between the Zoom and the Twitter and the News you just aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep. Anyone expecting you to be OK right now is being unreasonable. Their expectations are the problem, not you. Just do the best you are able to do and be OK with that.

Everyone is doing the best they can. It may not be the best that can be done. But, it’s the best we may be able to do right now. Cut others, and yourselves, a little slack.

We’ve not had a situation like this before. We’re all making do.