This Old Notebook

This Old Notebook

This old notebook contains…

Design ideas and draft copy for a previous version of this site. (07.18.2005)

Notes from a David Allen online seminar titled Knowledge Work Athletics (08.18.2005)and the GTD Roadmap seminar I attended. (09.22.2005)

Notes from Ruth Haden’s Money for Couples class Bethany and I took prior to getting married. (02.06.2006)

A list of movies I wanted to see. Most marked as completed.

The first ever outline of my Dash/Plus notation system. (05.23.2006)

Journal entries from around the time of our wedding. (06.2006)

Then from the days we spent in the hospital by Bethany’s mother’s side as she lost her battle with colon cancer. (12.25.2006)

Then from our honeymoon to Spain. (02.23.2007)

Fortunes from fortune cookies that I found interesting. I would tape them in and date them. (06.01.2007 is the first of several)

The following haiku (10.12.2007):

Dark in the morning.
Dark at night when going home.
Work in winter sucks.

Beatrix’s arrival. Five pounds, seven ounces, eighteen inches. (02.09.2008)

Lots of fountain pen tests. (03.12.2008)

The desire to cultivate more simplicity in my life and belongings. (08.21.2008)

As well as countless dreams and schemes and lists and plans and diagrams and ideas and…

This is a snapshot of my life. The moments I felt important to capture at the time. So that every now and again I could look back and marvel at it all. That it has brought me to this empty page. To reflect before the next moment begins to write a new entry in another book.

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