The Three Types of Rhoneisms

Much like Henry David Thoreau had three chairs in his house, I’ve come to realize that I generally have three types of posts for my online writing — what I’m collectively and quirkily referring to as “Rhoneisms”. These are…

  • The first type what I’m calling and categorizing as a “thought”. These are the shortest the ones that are tweet length — 140 characters or less. These will often, but not always, be shared on Twitter.
  • The next are the things I’m calling a “post”. These are longer thoughts — usually less than 250 words — that will live here as well.
  • Then, there are my “essays’. The things of essay length — 500+ words. Those will get posted primarily at my personal site but also could end up in my newsletter.

Now, there are other things I’ll often share here as well, like photos, links with commentary, and quotes. But, mainly, my original writing falls into those three types.

Since I’m still experimenting with the tools I’m using for all of this and how it all fits together, I wanted to keep the essays and my personal site separate from the rest for now. Eventually, I plan to have all of this under one roof there. I want to be able to tell people to go to one site and have one place that is all me.