Short Term Personal Savior: Henry Rollins

Every so often someone inspires me in such a way that I designate them my Short Term Personal Savior. There are many ways one can receive this special designation. It could be through a lesson I have learned from them, a way that they are living life that is inspirational or that they are just plain badass.
Today’s Short Term Personal Savior is Henry Rollins. Here is why:
* As lead singer of the groundbreaking Black Flag or his namesake Rollins Band, he has recorded some of the most intelligent and aggressive punk the world has ever known.
* He is a gifted author and spoken work artist.
* His social commentary rants are pure poetry. He rails against the establishment with the fervor of a drunk punk in the middle of a mosh pit. Take this video clip “America is under attack” for example or his “Love Letter to Ann Coulter” (Warning: Both NSFW).
You may not agree with his politics or like his music but one can’t deny that he is just plain badass. Therefore, he is well worthy of being one of my Short Term Personal Saviors.

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