Remainders 12.20.2006

While there are a million GTD apps out there these days, Actiontastic is really starting to stand out from the rest. While it wont switch me away from my system, it is clean, simple and very easy to pick up and start using. His latest release notes are worth a read as it makes it very clear on how to use the application and the basic principles of GTD. If you are looking for a good mac based GTD tool then you should check it out. (via Hawk Wings)
According to Giles at O’Reilly, the next version of Hog Bay Software’s full screen writing application WriteRoom will include the ability to use WriteRoom to edit text in any Cocoa-based application. According to Giles “That means that any form field in Safari can be edited, in glorious full-screen simplicity, using WriteRoom. Nice for posting to weblogs, but also pretty nice for composing and replying to messages in Gmail.” (via MacDevCenter)
Digg recently went through a radical redesign and I think it looks great. They have also added a bunch of new features. Kevin Rose outlines many of them in a video here.