On Keeping A Daily Log

Over on Micro.Blog, I wrote up a short reply about my practice of keeping a Daily Log. I’ve had people ask before about why I keep both a calendar and a daily log. Here’s why…

The calendar is for the things I intend to do (meetings, tasks, events). My daily log is where I record the things I actually did and note important things that were/are not on my calendar. I’ve been keeping a daily log in some form for years here’s a post about my plaintext based one from 10 years ago. Many thoughts/moments/events end up in the log that were not planned or things that “just happened”.

Because of this habit, I can recall the important details of any day in the past 15 years or so. I can even tell you how I slept the night before for the past five (when I began tracking that). There are too many times to count where having past information in such detail at hand has saved my bacon (”I sent that check on…”, “I called on {date} and spoke to…”)

(FWIW: I currently use a Hobonichi Techo for my Daily Log.)