Ode to My Favorite Hoodie

This is my favorite hoodie. I have other hoodies but this is the one I grab out of the closet most often. And, in those times I grab another, I find myself frequently wishing I had grabbed this one instead. The minimalist in me often questions why I even bother to have the others. I don’t really have a good answer. This is the only one I really love.

My wife picked it up for me at a clothing exchange so it didn’t cost anything. The pocket was ripped but I had it mended and it’s been fine since. The arms are slightly too long but I actually like the way it falls slightly beyond my wrists because of that. Adds to its coziness. Otherwise, it fits me perfectly. Tight, but not too much so. Like a warm embrace.

I write this for no other reason than it is a cool day today. Perfect hoodie weather for the perfect hoodie. And I have deep gratitude for both.