Necessary Self Promotion

Things have been crazy busy here in Patrickland. Lot’s of travel. Lots of busy work. Lots of taking care of The Duchess. Who is The Duchess you ask? For those new around here, she is my little girl Beatrix and she has a blog – Team Trixie. The blog is a comedic outlet for me and I write it from her perspective. Of course, her perspective is that she is a Duchess from a mythical land called Heckofalot, her mommy is Princess Bethany and her daddy is The Butler. As I said, it is mostly a fun creative outlet for me and a unique way to share her with the world.
Well, that blog and it’s author (that would be me, The Butler) were featured in the June 15th edition of The Saint Paul Pioneer Press newspaper. They did a feature on Dad’s who blog and The Duchess and I were included. Check it out:
TwinCities.com: Daddy bloggers have stories to tell