My Life in 3×5

I run my entire life off of a single 3×5 card using my Dash/Plus system. I wrote a post about it several years ago but it could use some updating.

Basically, on the front of the card I write down the tasks I’d like to get done today (and really believe I can get done). On the back of the card, I capture any incoming tasks that pop up or things I need to write down — like a scratch pad (i.e, things that won’t get done today but I’d like to keep for some other time). As I get stuff done, I mark it done. Things that don’t get done either get moved to the next day’s list or deferred for later. I notate all of that using Dash Plus for each task at the end of the day.

So, what do I do with all of those “later” items and other tasks that do not make the daily list? And, where to those daily items come from in the first place?

I keep everything on a “Master List” I keep in my journal. I compile this list every 2-3 weeks or so. I open up the next blank two page spread in my journal and use a GTD Guided Mindsweep that a David Allen Co. coach did on Twitter many, many, years ago (attached). While I don’t follow GTD specifically anymore the Mindsweep is very useful for triggering taks/porojects I might not otherwise think of.

The done tasks get copied into my Daily Log as I complete them. Anything undone gets moved either to the next day’s card or Master List. I rip the card in half and throw it into the recycling bin after everything is copied to where it needs to go.