Mini-Review: The 4-Hour Workweek

Reading this book right now. So far it is full of insightful tips. Even if you choose not to implement everything in the book, there are several things that could save hours of wasteful time.

Here is a tip I already use to great effect. I only check work e-mail twice a day. Folks at work have come to know this. Therefore, they know that urgent matters should never be e-mailed. Non-urgent matters should, and response time expectations are set accordingly.

Now, I just need to let people know that I only check voicemail a couple of times a week. I figure, people will call back on truly urgent matters if they do not hear from me right away. Therefore, by the time I would be able to check it, it would be old news anyway.

That being said, this book is filled with little take away nuggets of wisdom just like those. Many of these I plan on implementing ASAP. I am really enjoying it.