This is more of a note to self. It’s something I’ve not been doing well enough of late. I’ve been suffering from foot-in-mouth disease. I’ve been talking, prognosticating, having the answers. Noticing without observing. I can be better than this.

This seems the season of noise. A million voices shouting at us. Demanding our attention. Of course, it seems natural to respond by shouting even louder, just to be heard among the clamor. But, we have another choice. To mindfully tune out the noise and tune in to that which really matters. To do that, we must be still, present, and listen.

To be in silence is to be present. To be in silence with another and feel comfort and peace is to have true companionship. The gift of presence is the greatest of gifts. For one is giving the most finite and precious of resources — time and attention. Things that are priceless.

The wise listen. They know it is the only true path to knowledge. The humble listen. They know there is greater wealth and deeper riches in silence. The compassionate listen. They know that it is the simplest kindness.

I wish to be kind, compassionate, and wise. And the best way to do that is to listen.