How are you today?

Seems |rtyar|referrer|ythaa
like such a simple question doesn’t it. We likely get asked it at least a dozen times on a busy day in at least as many ways.

"Howya doin’?"

"How’s it going?"

"What’s up?"

Whether we are good or bad or so-so, we usually answer with a curt response. "Good" or something positive is a most common one, even if some of the time a lie or not nearly as close to truth. "O.K." is often used. Yet, very rarely do we say, "Terrible" or something negative. After all, to give someone details might scare them off or, perhaps worst, invite them in. As if we are the only ones in the world to have both good days and bad ones.

So, here is an assignment. The next time you are asked, tell the truth. Give some detail as to why that truth is your truth. Invite them in. Because I believe that, despite what we may think, people really do have the time to care and want to. By answering with our canned response we are robbing them of the opportunity to do so. More importantly, we are robbing ourselves of the possibility that what they have to say in return might change our day around for the better.