A simple mindfulness goal: To be present and complete in all that I am, and all that I believe; to proudly show up as the full, real, complete me and just be with no need for fanfare.

Just quietly but actively be-ing is rare and radical. A silent activism in a loud world.

An example: There’s a Farm Animal Sanctuary not too far from here (Soul Space). Founded and run by an ex-cop with a genuine compassion and connection to all beings.

The place is surrounded by family and factory farms. She is the lone vegan pro-animal person surrounded by everything she is opposed to. But, there she is, rescuing any animal that comes her way from certain death. Running her vegan homestead. Doing her thing.

I asked her about that. About what that’s like. To be the lone voice of descent in a crowd. To live in a place that was literally founded on the ideals she abhors.

She said, “I’m not a voice so much as a presence.”

That by just being there and doing what she does and being what she is and thus giving others the opportunity to consider her ideas through her actions and way of life was the most subversive and effective activism she can do.

Just be-ing in a world that wishes she wasn’t.