Your "thread" should have been a blog post…

Yes. All of them. Every time.

Look, I’m not knocking your thread that should have been a blog post because of the content. In fact, I’m telling you this stuff is often too important and worthy to be owned by an algorithm and lost in the stream.

This is the one that set me off tonight

One of the more insightful things I’ve read in a while about a key and tricky to understand/articulate symptom of depression. Perhaps even life saving.

But, it’s a damn thread.

Seriously, I want to bookmark this, print it, share it far and wide, especially with people who are not on a twitter because, well, it’s an increasingly bad place for those who are mental illness survivors to be.

But, it’s a thread so…

Bottom line; please place any idea worth more than 280 characters and the value Twitter places on them (which is zero) on a blog that you own and/or can easily take your important/valuable/life-changing ideas with you and make them easy for others to read and share.