Writeboards in Backpack

The recently released Writeboard is now also available directly in your Backpack pages as announced here. Paying accounts can create unlimited Writeboards. This is the best five bucks I spend every month and to get this kind of added value is quite the bonus. I will be using this feature all of the time. Here is a quote from 37 Signals outlining this feature:
“Starting today, if you have a Backpack account, you’ll see a “Writeboards” tab in Backpack. This allows you to create writeboards inside Backpack. Plus, when you create writeboards inside Backpack, all those writeboards will be listed inside Backpack for easy retrieval. Further, you can import any writeboard into Backpack and even attach writeboards to any Backpack page via the new “writeboards” button at the top of every Backpack page. It’s pretty slick”