When Less is More is More Than Less : fiftyfootshadows.net

When Less is More is More Than Less : fiftyfootshadows.net

This is all well and good and I enjoy reading through different ideas and opinions but at what point is enough enough. When does minimalism start to become cluttered and excessive in itself.

You are simply not allowed to read any of the rest of this site until you read the link above. Go. Now. See you back here in a few minutes…

Are you back now? Good. Now, stop dinking around on the Internet! Go get something done. Make something. Anything. 

I could show you a pizza and beer joint with better tips, tricks, and lifehacks than anything you can read online, carved into the 150 year old wooden booths, written long before the Internet was a thing. Do you know how they got that way? Well, every day it fills up with people. Some of these people have something to say, especially after a pint or two. Then, they use whatever sharp object at their disposal to say it as quickly and clearly as possible on any available semi-soft surface.

So, why am I here doing this? 

Hmmm… Fair question…

This is my booth at the pizza joint. I come here all the time with something to say. My Mac is nothing more than a overpriced pocket knife for me to scrawl stuff into it. And if I did not have that I would find a way. Because I have something to say. It’s what I do.

Find that thing that you do and do it. If it is, in fact, what you do, no tool will make you and no tool will stop you.