Traveling Trousers

In keeping with the recent travel theme, I thought I would mention some of my favorite pants (“trousers” for those of you in Great Britain — You can stop snickering now) for traveling. As I have previously established, light packing and clothes that are designed for such are a particular obsession of mine. Everything mentioned here I have in my current arsenal and have been well road tested.

  • TravelSmith Men’s Anywhere Pants — I actually have a couple of pairs of these and like them a lot. The fabric in the newer model I have is slightly different (and better) than the older model I have so I opt for it more often than not. I have both of these in the khaki color and they look good with both a t-shirt or casual button down. Because of the full elastic waistband I would be less inclined to use these with a shirt you would have to tuck in though. Luckily, I’m rarely in situations, even when traveling, where that is required.

  • Travel Pants from SCOTTEVEST — The link is to the the Convertible Travel Pants but I have the non-convertible model which do not seem to be on offer anymore. In fact, I generally dislike convertible pants because I cant help but get that “hoop around the knee” look. In any case, I have been a big SCOTTEVEST fan for years and own several of their products (more of which I will cover in future travel related posts). These pants are no exception. Perfect for travel where pickpockets are a concern or if you have the need to carry a fair bit of stuff but want your hands free. Mine are in the olive green color.

  • Patagonia Men’s Nomader Pants — These are a new addition to the traveling arsenal and I can already tell they will become a quick favorite. In fact, I’m tempted to wear them around town now and then because I like them so much. These are comfortable, designed for wear and tear, and look great. I have these in grey.

So, there you have it. Three pairs of pants that can take me anywhere. All designed to be durable, functional, and look great. And each one can be washed in the sink at night and be dry and ready to be packed or worn in the morning. And, when folded and stacked, together they take up the same space as a single pair of similarly folded jeans. And, as I explained in my previous post, the goal for me is as much light travel as it is having a iety of colors and options so I don’t look like I’m wearing the same thing every day. With these, I achieve these goals.

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