Timex T Series Perpetual Calendar Watch

Those who have known me a while know that I love watches and used to collect them (Bulova watches particularly). My daily watch for years has been a Delma that, for many reasons, was no longer suiting my current life. Therefore, I have been wanting a new watch but I am kind of picky about what I wanted.

First of all, it had to have numbers. Not markers or Roman Numerals, it had to have numbers. Second, it had to have a clear and easy to read day and date. Finally, it had to have a clean and simple (almost minimalist) modern design. After much searching, I found what I wanted in the Timex T Series Perpetual Calendar Watch. This is a big, beautiful chunk of watch that fits all of the criteria set forth above and, thankfully, not much more. The perpetual calendar makes sure that the day and date are always correct (i.e. It knows which months do not have 31 days). It also has Indiglo like all Timex watches for dark condition viewing.

What makes this watch even more special is that Princess Bethany bought it for me for, what I think is, the first big “just because” present of our marriage. If I have not said it clearly enough before – She is the best wife ever! Every time I go to check the time I am just humbled by how lucky I am to have her in my life and care so much about me to get me something so meaningful.