This is a test…

This pandemic is a test of your empathy and compassion 1. It’s a test to see if you’re willing to make even the smallest sacrifices to protect others from a potentially harmful disease. A test to practice loving your neighbor as much as yourself 2 .

It’s a test to see how much you care for the community by giving up the personal pleasures of restaurants, movies, and other entertainments for the sake of keeping strangers healthy.

It’s a test to see if your are willing to give up seeing family and friends in order to keep them safe.

It’s a test to see if you’d make even the smallest changes to protect others — such as wearing a mask when in public 3 or keeping a modest distance.

It’s not a hard test. It’s simply a defining one.

  1. Karuna 
  2. Mark 12:31 and Matthew 22:36-40. This notion is alive in Islam as well 
  3. The mask is not to protect you from others (though, it does to an extent). It’s to protect others from you, the wearer.