The thing where my laptop has become my desktop and my phone has become my laptop…

It started with Gruber describing the revolution he believes is happening in computing right now:

“This, to me, gets to the heart of the revolution at hand. A decade ago, my first PowerBook was a secondary machine to the desktop anchored at my desk. Now, my main machine is my MacBook Pro, but it feels a bit like an anchor now. My mobile secondary computer is my iPhone.”

This was responded to by in post from my good friend Chris Bowler:

“I couldn’t disagree more with the sentiment above. Yes, the iPhone is a game changer. Yes, it’s a revolutionary device. But a replacement for the desktop (and even if you use a laptop as your primary computer—and I do—it’s still receiving ‘desktop’ usage)? Not for this guy.”

I wanted to add my two cents. I believe that, in this case, Chris is outside of the norm. The iPhone has largely replaced my Macbook as my portable computer. I now only bring my Macbook along when I need it to assist in client troubleshooting or under some pretty extreme circumstances. Even in those cases I lament having to do so. I know I am not alone in this. I have had many conversations with other iPhone users and this is the case for them as well.

For me, the iPhone is enough to handle every computing task (web, email, social networking, notetaking, etc.) I generally need to do while on the go. I take it to the coffee shop to get work done, manage my task list and write blog posts (yep, using the on screen keyboard). I have taken it and the Macbook with me to conferences only to find that my Macbook stayed in my bag acting as dead weight. When I went to Macworld last year, my Macbook stayed on the desk in my hotel room after half way through day one. The iPhone was the better option to take to the conference itself.

I believe that a shift is taking place. For most users, the laptop will become their desktop machine that has the added option of being able to be portable when absolutely needed. In all other cases, the iPhone will not only suffice but will, due to it’s high portability, excel.