The Reviews are in…

I’ve received a few wonderful short reviews of For You so far. I’ll update this post as I see more come in…

Patrick’s book is a remarkable collection of seemingly simple platitudes that pack a gut-punch of life-changing truth. I’ll do whatever I can to encourage Chloe and Candela to read it. (I’d assign it to my “First Year Experience” students but we don’t assign extra readings in that class; college freshmen are overwhelmed enough as it is.) To those of us a few decades older who need a verbal hug or a hand reaching down to pull you up from where you find yourself now… this is it. Buy it. The Kindle version is cheaper than a beer; you’ve got no excuse.

— Eric Larson (on Facebook)

Patrick’s specificity on how to bring about life with our speech is more needed than ever in an age of misinformation, creation without citation, and when the false confidence of appearing to be right carries no shame when proven wrong. When advice is packaged in the way he has written this book, it has great potential for positive internal change and for the ripple effect that has within a community.

— Jacoby, A mini-review of For You by Patrick Rhone | xxxx

A beautiful collection of essays and wisdoms of a man whose writing has been a constant inspiration for me… This one stuck with me: “You are not a story. Stories are the things we tell by the things we say and do. You create the story.”

— Manuel forestweekender on Micro.blog

Such a great book and as the title suggests it really is For You, now granted Patrick wrote it for a very specific You in mind but the words and wisdom in this book can be shared and internally reflected on by anyone.

— Eric Walker For You by Patrick Rhone | Eric Walker