The Perfect Dude’s Diaper Bag

Since finding out I was going to be a father yet again, I have been on the lookout for the perfect diaper bag. What I needed was something that looked hip and masculine. It did not need to be very large, just enough to carry the essentials. Lately, I have been trying to carry less and I did not need to lug a whole bag of diapers and every accessory known to man, I just need enough to get me through a trip to the store or the coffee shop.

Well, today I found it. It’s called the MicroPod. It is made by a company called Fleurville and is made out of recycled plastics. It has a main storage area large enough for the included wipe case, a light folding changing pad (also included), and a few diapers. A second fleece lined exterior pocket can hold extra items and has a pass-through holes for earbuds if you want to stick an iPod in there. It also has a nifty hidden bottle/sippycup that deploys from a pocket on the side. Easy to carry messenger style or on the back of a stroller. They have a larger DJ style bag as well that will immediately go on my wish list for when I need to carry more.

The nice thing about either of these bags is that they are non-baby looking enough to use them for other things before the baby comes or after such items are no longer needed. Very cool find.