Starbury is a new line of clothing from NBA Basketball star Stephon Marbury. The twist is that he is striving to prove that, unlike some of his peers, you can make shoes just as good as the ones that cost 100.00 at prices that regular kids can afford. The rationale being that most kids who grow up in “da hood” like he did could never afford a pair of decent shoes to play the game and will often resort to crime in order to get them. He plans on wearing the shoes from his new line in every game he plays from now on just to prove their equality with the other brands. The price for the shoes: .99. Most of the clothing items are similarly priced or less. Quite amazing when you think about it. They are available exclusively from Steve and Barry’s stores. Although not officially available online you can find them on eBay (at slightly higher prices) if you don’t have a store in your area.

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  1. damn your momma raised a keeper.im a mom of 4 grown 3.and grandma of two.im thankful for the great idea and hard work put into this.your right about da hoods.this really helps.thanks starbury aka steve and barrys hats off.and salute!

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