Some thoughts on the good stuff…

While working on the Hague House Project today, these thoughts arose as I opened the above can to paint some trim for the powder room.

  • The good stuff usually costs more. Way more. Like “How does anyone get away with charging that?” kind of more. The kind of more that stings just a little bit when you pay it; which, you will have no problem doing because you want the good stuff.
  • If it doesn’t cost more, and doesn’t sting just a little bit, it’s probably not the good stuff.
  • The good stuff usually is a bit harder to work with, because it’s made for professionals.
  • The good stuff will work better and last last far longer than anything else.
  • If it doesn’t work better and last longer, it’s probably not the good stuff.
  • You use the good stuff where it matters most.
  • If using the good stuff does not matter where you are using it, you probably should not be using it.
  • It takes practice, time, and skill to know where using the good stuff matters and where it doesn’t.
  • That said, if you don’t know if it matters or not, use the good stuff. Your pockets will be lighter but you’ll never be wrong.
  • Most people will never notice if you use the good stuff when you could have used the cheap stuff. People in the know will always notice when you use the cheap stuff when you should have used the good stuff.
  • Those who know what the good stuff is will recognize it — the attention to detail and care such a choice reveals. They will appreciate that you did.
  • Those that don’t know what the good stuff is will benefit from the quality and durability just as much as those that do.