Shameless Self Promotion

Just a few mentions of where this little blog has popped up around the web.
* Michael Ramm of Black Belt Productivity was interviewed by Fresh Focus recently and had some overwhelmingly humbling things to say about how I have influenced his personal productivity. Not quite sure what to say beyond “thanks”. I was truly floored by it.
* Then, my friend Ryan at Brassing Adds Character references what I had to say about my Taccia Staccato fountain pen in his recent roundup of $100.00 range pens. I am getting a visit from him next week and will be buying him a beverage for sure.
* Finally, Chris at The Weekly Review was sucked in by my idea, mentioned at work.life.creativity, of keeping a daily log file. Basically a running journal of the things you work on for the day. Mine is in a single text file but he finds some great web based alternatives.

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