Review: Rework

The only way I can fairly review Rework, the new book by 37 Signals founders Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson is to break it into two separate reviews – one for each audience. Therefore, decide which one you fit into and read on from there.

Fans, True Believers, and Apostates

You fit into this group if you are an avid fan of 37 Signals, read their Signal vs. Noise blog, and are already intimately aware of their core philosophies. If this is you then, this book will hold no surprises and it will be nothing you have not seen before in one form or another. You may want to buy an electronic edition of the book for the occasional pep talk as needed. Or, since no “subchapter” is longer than a few pages, it might be the perfect addition to the well curated bathroom (you do, in fact, curate your bathroom reading, right?). It also will make a great gift for your friends in Group #2.

37 Who?

You fit into this group if you are not all that familiar with 37 Signals, their philosophies, or their blog. For you, this book is a must read. It is disruptive and will shake up every foundation about business you have learned. You need this because within lies the truth, in short digestible bites, about how to really start a business that builds on your passion and make that business successful by the only standards that matter (yours). Its a fantastic and smart read by people with opinions – people with opinions are rare these days. That said, I’m sure you know a few and they are likely in Group #1. Ask them to loan you their copy of Rework.