Remembering Roy

Roy was big for his breed, kind of dopey but very lovable. If Roy were a human, he would have been a laborer, like a handyman. Stocky, friendly and his pants just barely covering his bum. He would spend more time sitting around and shooting the breeze with you than doing the job at hand but there would be no way you could get mad at him because he would be so lovable. You would just chalk it up to Roy being Roy.

Roy liked to lick soft things, like stuffed animals, rugs and furniture. Once he started he would do this for hours. Licking compulsively as if unable to stop. Roy could not, given this fact, figure out why the cats did not want to play with him. When Roy slept, he would snore loudly and, every once in a while, he would whimper and twitch, obviously having a good dream, probably about licking the cats.

In the last few months Roy had a tough time. He was unable to walk, he lost control over his functions, his hearing was going and he seemed very frustrated and confused. We had to let Roy go to sleep today. I hope he is somewhere peaceful and licking cats.

8 thoughts on “Remembering Roy”

  1. I’ve been a reader since 43 Folders linked to your Org-Fu post. You’ve been very helpful to me in my own quest to become organized. I’m also an animal lover, and am very sad to hear about your loss. I wish you and your family warm thoughts about your friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, business and personal, with us. I, for one, am very appreciative.

  2. It’s heart breaking to read your post. My dachshund, Stephen, also likes to lick soft things. Especially the couch, and bed sheets. It’s a very cute, although pretty annoying, habit. It sounds like Roy was very loved.

  3. My dog passed away 3 years ago at the age of 13, and he couldn’t walk either cos of his illness. He’s a bit crazy but I love him til now, and reading this brings back the memory of him.

  4. Patrick, sorry to hear about Roy. Losing pets is one of those things that’s awfully hard to bear. From the sounds (and looks) of it, he was a loved and revered dog. Enjoy his memories…I’m sure there are a ton of ’em.
    My best,

  5. I am very sorry for your loss, Patrick. I have been there with pets; it is always a difficult time.

  6. Patrick, I’m so very sorry for your loss. How lovely that Roy and your little girl had the chance to meet.

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