Remainders 11.30.2006

Aurora is a free digital alarm clock for Mac that integrates with both iTunes playlists or ElGato’s EyeTV. It is highly configurable and features such nifty features as a sleep timer, support for an Apple Remote and volume fade-up. This sure will help me out for those early sessions at Macworld this year. (via Lifehacker)
Ben Stein makes a compelling argument from a conservative point of view for raising taxes on the rich. Heresy you say Mr. Rightwing? Well, Warren Buffett agrees with him. (NYT via Kottke – Evil yet Free Subscription required)
LifeBoat is a new Mac backup application that auto syncs files and/or directories to a USB key or external drive automatically upon connection. It backs up the files to a read only DMG file that is then easy to mount and get your data from.

2 thoughts on “Remainders 11.30.2006”

  1. Why exactly would I, “Mr. Rightwing,” care if Warren Buffett agrees? Buffett has been for income redistribution for a very long time.
    Theft is theft.

  2. Steven, I am no big fan of the Federal Income tax myself and believe it is unconstitutional (I mean, if your income is not your property than what is). After all, I count myself as small “l” libertarian.
    That being said, it is not going away anytime in our lifetimes as our system has become so reliant on it. Therefore, at the vary least it should be fair. This can be done, I believe, in our lifetimes.
    It is for this reason that I was a supporter of Steve “Flat Tax” Forbes when he ran for president. Make the tax code simple and fair for everyone regardless of income level and it would be a start in the right direction.
    I simply point out that there are people like Warren Buffett, arguably one of the the smartest and fiscally responsible financial leaders of our time who also agree that the current structure is unfair to all – including those who benefit from it most.

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