Remainders 11.07.2006

Khoi Vihn @ Subtraction switched from using kGTD to Mori for managing his GTD and is not looking back. “At a stage in my life where I’ve come to accept that things will only get busier, dead simple is really attractive.”
The new Lamy dialog 2 is a very sexy new rollerball pen. The most interesting feature is a clip that retracts into the pens body so it is out of the way when you write. Very cool. (via Notebookism)
Speaking of sexy, dare I say fetishistic gear, I want to take long walks on deserted beaches with this watch from Nixon. I will whisper secret private love notes into it and play them back in Princess Bethany’s ears.
Yesterday’s installment of Productive Talk, the series of interviews by Merlin Mann featuring David Allen, was the best so far. This one dealt with something I experience hourly – Interuptions and how to manage them (because they will never, actually, go away).
Lastly, do your country a favor and get out and vote today. Remember, especially if you are female or minority, many have fought and died to extend your constitutional right to do so. Honor them by exercising it.