Remainders 07.19.2012

I will say that one thing I have missed about Twitter so far is the ability to quickly and succinctly share links to things I have found useful or otherwise enjoyed. I used to do that regularly, pre-Twitter, on patrickrhone.com in a regular feature I called “Remainders”. It would seem that there is no better time to start that back up again and to share these things with you.

Here, in no particular order, are some things I have really been enjoying lately…

  • Caesura Letters — My friend James Shelly’s smart, philosophical, mindful subscription newsletter. Fantastic writing, deep thought, and enlightenment. It makes me excited to open my inbox each day and makes me smarter with each one. Seriously. Use the link before for 40% off (only $3.99 a month).

  • Seven Summits by Dick Bass, Frank Wells, Rick Ridgeway — A wonderful book, given to me by a friend, about two guys who set out to be the first people to climb the highest summit on every continent in the world. They were both in their fifties, untrained, unprepared, and outmatched for the task. Yet, despite all of it, they had a dream and they chased it. It’s quite compelling and in line with some research I have been doing into the idea that accomplishment can become an addiction.

  • Nike+ Running for iPhone on the iTunes App Store — I’ve been using this to track my runs and have found it quite fun. It does a good job of giving me just enough of what I need and nothing I don’t. Plus, it has Path integration and I enjoy the fact I can share my runs there and people can comment on them or cheer me on.

  • Path — Speaking of which, this is where I have been sharing and having conversations while taking a sabbatical from Twitter. I love, love, love, this app. It feels so much more comfortable to me. I wish more of my friends were on it but I’m happy with the way I get to engage with the ones that are.