Remainders 03.23.2007

The folks who brought you Stikkit have a new web app coming. This one is a personal assistant of some sort for e-mail called iwantsandy. Details are a little schetchy for now (not yet released) but it peaks my interest.
Richard Rutter and Mark Boulton want you to know that Web Typography Sucks and what you can do to change that. Yes, that’s right… You. Download the slides with notes and find out how. (via Kottke)
Lifehack.org has this enticing proposition, clone yourself by hiring a part time personal assistant. They posit that, if you use a little outside of the box thinking, it is not as expensive as one might think.

2 thoughts on “Remainders 03.23.2007”

  1. I think you might be also interested in Wrike (project planning and collaboration appl), which is also transparently integrated with e-mail. Moreover, Wrike.com was already released in December, 2006. Take a look at it while we’ll be provided with additional details about Sandy. You can enjoy more features than “personal assistant”, especially in the terms of collaboration and getting things done. It’s free.

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